About this blog

Q: What are you reading lately?
A: Mostly old books by dead guys.

Over the past few years I have been writing book reviews on amazon.com. My purpose in starting this blog is to amass these reviews into one Googleable location so likeminded readers with an interest in Zola, London, Balzac, etc. will be able to find them and hopefully discover some books that are worth reading (as well as a few that are not). These reviews are aimed at the general reader with an appreciation for classic literature. My intention is to suggest books to people who have not yet read them, so unlike a real literary scholar, I won’t ruin the ending for you.

With the increasing availability of ebooks, the time is ripe for a resurgence in the appreciation of classic works. Most of the books I read fall under the heading of public domain (simply put: so old that they are no longer under any copyright protection), and are therefore available for free in ebook format on sites like Amazon, Project Gutenberg, and HathiTrust.

I don’t intend to limit my reviews to “Old Books by Dead Guys”, but will broaden my scope to include newer books about old dead guys as well. Dead ladies are welcome too. Any book will be fair game, but in general my tastes lean toward the antiquated.

Rating system
My rating system is based on the Amazon/Netflix 5-star system, as follows:

Loved it.

Liked it.

It’s OK.

Didn’t like it.

Hated it.

The positive reviews will outnumber the negative because when I’m choosing books to read, naturally I’m going to choose something I think I’ll like.